Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter 2016!

Buona Pasqua a tutti! 
I hope everyone had a good day and a nice holiday today. 

I would like to talk about the Easter holiday today, at least how I see it. I often feel that in the Church, Christmas incorporates a lot of what Easter should be. Yes they are both holidays with Christ at their epicenter, both revering a type of birth (initial birth and later resurrection) but they look at two completely different times. Too often during Christmas talks in Sacrament someone mentions the Crucifixion or even the Resurrection, both events that occurred at the end of Christ's life on Earth, not the beginning. 

Easter is a celebration of life, of possibility, of hope for all who believe in Christ and in his Resurrection, or even just appreciate the symbolism of the potentiality of his Resurrection. It is not as big a public holiday as Christmas and holds less meaning to those who are not religious, whilst Christmas can stand its ground perfectly without religion. Easter occurs in the first few weeks of Spring, around the time of the spring equinox. The weather typically is improving and flowers are beginning to grow next to greening grass and budding leaves. 

Easter is the season of new beginnings; fresh starts. Just as the world begins anew, so can we all, growing from our pasts to a bright and brilliant future. This is the time that we can take and accept our pasts and make adjustments toward our futures. We can choose which Path we want to take and what actions to make to lead us there. The Resurrection tells us, symbolically. that we are not defined by who we were and the decisions that we had made. we can always make a different choice, we can overcome our past selves.

Holidays might be stressful and might not always be what we envisioned for ourselves, but it is important to always remember the possibility that those holidays promise.

No matter how your day went, I hope everyone had an amazing Easter, even if you have to think a bit before you can admit it.


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