Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A response to hatred and terror

I have been unable to write today; unable to think clearly enough to get my thoughts down. In a way, the terrorist attacks have become routine, just as the gun violence has become routine. Some parts of me hear about these terrible things and just file the information away under the file in my brain labeled, "The World in which We Live."

The problem is, I don't want to live in a world where terror, murder, and fear are the expected and anticipated outcomes. Where the world and the people remember for a few days and then go on again. Where innocents are attacked because of the insane rhetoric of a few people who have power, People, for whom fear and respect are the same. People who make one ashamed of being human.

There have been many days in these past months where I have wondered what the point of humanity was, and questioned whether I truly wanted to be a part of such a group.

I am a Wayist by nature, I always have been. I believe that most all people search out the good in the world and try to aid others on the path. My faith in God might be lessened slightly by these attacks, but not my faith in Goodness. I wonder at times if they are any different, except by how they are perceived.

Despite my belief in the innate ability for good of all men, I must say that the Daesh terrorists, at least the true believers walk a different Path entirely; they follow the lure of darkness. Where they lead there is no truth, no love, no light. They willfully blind themselves, turning away from righteousness in favor of their own perverse desires.

These people (although I hate to call them such) represent no religion. A user on Facebook summed it up nicely, "Terroristi che uccidono uomini, donne e bambini in nome di Allah, non sono Mussulmani ma solo criminali ai danni dell'umanità (Corano 5:32). Terroristi che uccidono uomini, donne e bambini in nome di Dio, non sono cristiani, ma solo criminali ai danni dell'umanità (Deuteronomio 5:17 - Giacomo 2:11 - 1 Giovanni 3:15). Chi uccide, è solo un assassino."

"Terrorists who kill men, women and children in the name of Allah, are not Muslims only criminals to the damage of humanity (Qua'ran 5:32). Terrorists who kill men, women and children in the name of God, are not Christians, only criminals to the damage of humanity (Deuteronomy 5:17; James 2:11: 1 John 3:15). Who kills is only a murderer."

I would like to stress also, that inciting anyone to violence, discrimination, or hatred even in response to an act of terror is just as damaging as committing a second act of terror. To all of the politicians out there calling for torture, calling for hatred, calling for religious discrimination, calling for registries and identification of those that follow Islam, STOP. All that comes from your calls of hatred, bias, anger, and discrimination are more acts of terror. Only these acts may not be committed by zealous followers of a false religious crusade. They will be committed by your followers. Citizens pushed into  action by your words. And someday men, women, and children will be killed or injured by your followers and you will be solo criminali ai danni dell'umanita (criminals to the damage of humanity). You will become the very terrorists and murderers that you now denounce and threaten.

The cycle will continue. Humanity will end and only shadows will remain.

I would beg each person to break the cycle of violence and hatred. Support the victims, the damaged, the scarred, and the scared. Denounce and condemn those that hurt and those that led (Daesh). Help those that flee (the refugees), protect those that cannot protect themselves, and do no harm to the innocent.

Most importantly, keep strong that line between right and wrong, good and bad, moral and immoral, because if it becomes smudged, if you step too far into the shadow and shades, you eventually will loose sight of the light.

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