Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Skating fun with friends

Last week a college friend (whom I jokingly call my sister and seriously call my cousin whenever people ask), Courtney, came into town and stayed with me for a few days and so we got together with one of our old roommates and went skating and to the movies to see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2".

The movie was funny (but not as good as the first) but the real joy was skating. I fell 3 times. Both knees are still bruised (this was last Thursday) and I nearly dislocated my shoulder and sprained my wrist. Luckily I came to no real harm.

I did learn that clumsy people should be really careful when balancing on ice skates. I also learned that I balance my wight unevenly on my feet...

Here are some pictures (None taken by me):
Courtney, our roommate Nicole, and me

Courtney and Nicole

Nicole and I

Courtney, Nicole, and I

Courtney and I
Overall it was a pretty good day. 
Now I am just waiting for my knee to go back to being skin toned (and not green, purple, blue, and red)

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